Rachel, outbound to Spain

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I can't believe I am in the last stretch of my exchange... I only have 3 months left. Everyday I get closer to saying goodbye to my best friends and family to go back to my best friends and family. I always go through the struggle of wanting to be in two places at once. I don't think I'll ever be "home" again. On a happier note, I feel that I am dominating Spanish and my Catalan is improving as we say, "poc a poc".

Another positive of this part of my exchange is that it will be summer any day now and I will finally get to swim in the beautiful Mediterranean sea! I will also get to go to a famous theme park, Port Aventura. 

I just got back from a 6 day long trip to Madrid. I got the train by myself and I stayed with a girl named Bianca and her amazing host family! I spent time with many of the exchange students in Madrid and on my own made friends with people from all over the world; England, Denmark, India, China, Afghanistan, etc. I saw so many beautiful places and met some of the most incredible people. 

I learned that traveling is so much more than taking pictures, seeing tourist sights and eating a touristic restaurants. You have to learn about the culture and why the building are made out of the material that they're made of and eat where the locals eat. My personal favorite part about traveling is learning what I like and don't like to do and meeting new people. Being in Europe I have the opportunity to meet people from all over. 

My grandparents are coming to visit me for 4 days and then we are going to Israel for 10 days! After that trip my host family is taking me to visit my Spanish family in the Basque Country. My dad is coming for 3 weeks in May and we are doing a road trip through the south of Spain. I am so excited for all the adventures that are coming my way!