Rachel, outbound to Spain

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It’s been almost 2 months since I’ve last updated you all! Since my last update I changed host families and schools. Everything is going great! I love my new host family as if they were my own. In my new school, I am getting 2 hours of individual Catalan classes a week. I am also giving presentations in English classes for middle school aged kids. I have 1-2 presentations a day, I really enjoy doing them. I still attend most regular classes but there are some hours that I have Catalan class or a presentation. I have made lots of new friends but there is no one I am particularly close with. I am also working with a group of 6th graders who are in a theatre group. They are preparing a play in English so I help them with pronunciation and some acting because I used to do theatre. 

My new host family is truly incredible. I am really close with everyone in my family, especially my mom. The majority of our family; grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc live within 15 minutes of our house and we see them often! Especially during the holiday season. They are all such amazing, positive people. My host mom and I just started doing CrossFit together 3 days a week and we are eating healthier. Lately, I have really enjoyed cooking. I have made salads, pasta, stir fry, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate mousse and smoothies for my family. I have started playing indoor beach volleyball 2 days a week. Over winter break, my family took me on a 4 day trip to Andorra. Andorra is a landlocked microstate that borders Spain and France. They are famous for skiing and not having high taxes. Shopping was a lot cheaper there! I had the opportunity to try snowboarding for the first time and it was a fantastic time! I am so fortunate to have that experience. 

Last weekend we had an optional weekend trip just for our Rotary district in a city called Logroño. We toured various cathedrals and a wine Bodega. It was a group of about 20 inbounds and we had a blast.