Rachel, outbound to Spain

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Hey guysss! Since I have last journaled a lot has changed. My Rotary district had an orientation with all the inbounds in the district and it was a blast! We visited La Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou and Parc Guell. We also did a walking tour of Barcelona, the tour guide was amazing, I had a really good time. When my mom was in her early 20´s she was traveling Europe and met a group of Erasmus students from Spain, Italy and Germany and they traveled together. Every couple of years, they all (minus my mom) have a reunion in a different city. This year they happened to be meeting up in Barcelona! My mom got me in touch with her friends and we made plans to meet. and my mom told me. I had the opportunity to show them some of my favorite places in the city. It was a really cool experience to meet my moms friend´s from 20+ years ago. Some big news, I am changing host families. I have a particular situation and I am moving 110 km away from where I live right now. I am changing schools and provinces. Right now I live in Barcelona and I will be moving to Tarragona. I will be living a 5 minute drive from the beach and I can´t wait!