Rose, outbound to Netherlands

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am more than half way through my exchange. That still hasn't really registered in my mind. Seriously, there's no way I am going back to Florida in four and a half months. Yet, looking back, I have done so many things in six months. A half of a year has changed me for the rest of my life. I've done things that I didn't even know where possible a year or two ago. 

Next week on monday I move to my next (and last) host family. Seems quick to me. I have been with my current host family since Thanksgiving yet it feels like I just moved in last week. This family has been so nice to me and I'm so glad to have gotten to see into their lives. It has really helped me round-out my idea of the Dutch culture. They are totally different than my first family. The majority of the family spoke little-to-no English so I had no choice than to further my Dutch. I can't believe that I already have to say good-bye to them. I'm especially going to miss the pets. This family has just as many pets and I do back in Florida so it was nice to have that consistency around for a while.

I have been taking history/Dutch lesson from a memeber of my Rotary club. At first we were just trying to make my Dutch better by reading childerens books, and although it helped, it was quite boring. Then I realized that there was a better way to do this. I was really interested in learning about European history before America's written history and she is a history major. So, to knock out two birds with one stone, we started reading out of my history book. Currently we are learning about Greece and Rome. I'm so in love with Europe and their history is so amazing. Plus, my teacher, Toos, is super sweet and very helpful. I always look forward to our lessons.

Next week is a small break from school and in a little less than three weeks I am turning 16. Everything is happening so fast.

I guess that's it. A short entry but hopefully more to report soon.