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Document for Country Coordinators

Background Checks

District Chairman:

Send this link when a host family or volunteer needs a background check.

Please note that RYE Florida is charged every time this form is filled out, so DON'T send out needed. E.g. a Rotary volunteer that is also a host family only need to do one background check per year. 

Recruitment Best Practices

Notes by Larry DiPietro from brainstorming meeting January 11, 2015 at Lake Yale

1. Solicit Language teachers
   a. Remind teacher we do the work
   b. Include IB, OB and ROTEX
   c. Keep teachers advised of app status
   d. Invite to reveal
   e. Remind teachers in June that we’ll be back in the fall
2. Refer to program as a scholarship
3. Make friends with administrator at district level
4. Use RI advertising and Marketing
5. Include in newsletter
6. Integrate with RYLA
7. Go to Interact clubs
8. Solicit as early as middle school
9. Involve Sponsor Clubs
10. Involve DG, DGN, DGE, PDG in interviews and reveals

OB Student & Parent Information Meetings

OB Student Selection/Interview

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OB Training/Preparation - District Level OB Monthly Ideas

OB Training/Preparation - District Level OB Orientation

OB Training/Preparation - District Level OB Follow-On Orientation

Host Family & Club Officer Recruiting

Host Family & Club Officer Training

IB Student Support

Rebound Recognition

RYE Media Resources

Youth Protection Training/Compliance

OB Recruiting RYE as Scholarship

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