Savannah, outbound to Brazil

I’d like to start this with the fact that I’ve already broken the promise I made to myself of writing every two weeks. The last thing on my mind is writing about all the amazing things I’m experiencing. I’d write a novel if I said everything I’ve done so far here so I’ll just list some of my favorite moments.

The day after I arrived in Brazil I got on a bus with some fellow exchange students and drove 2 hours to our first “inbound orientation” at the beautiful Maragogi beach. I met 50 other exchange students from all over the world that are on the same adventure and feel the same way that I do. Four days into my exchange, I got a stomach virus and failed to eat or drink for 48 hours (something anyone could forget to do!!) which led me to visit the hospital so they could tell me “you need to drink. A lot. And eat. A lot.” So over the next few days I did what I do best, I ate (and drank). Three days later my host dad asked me if I wanted to go on a short bike ride. I felt better so I jumped up and said yes. 12 miles later I couldn’t feel my legs but somehow they managed to work long enough for me to jump into the pool and swim a few laps.

Starting school was like everyone finding out Miley Cyrus is actually Hannah Montana. Everyone knew exactly who I was and couldn’t contain their excitement when I walked into class. Some of my favorite questions/comments I’ve heard so far would be “Do you live at Disney?” “You’re a cheerleader?!?!” and “You’re life is so much like High School Musical”.

Everyone was so welcoming and understanding my first week at school. My school comes to life at night with all of the sports that take places so I began volleyball and gymnastics. I fell in love with gymnastics so instead of doing both volley and gymnastics, I decided to do 2 classes of gymnastics. Besides the fact that I am constantly sore, I love it and the girls in my classes so much.

My host dad Bruno shares the same love for music that I have so he’s been taking me under his wing when it comes to band and music here. There is a public school in a poor community here that Rotary Built many years ago that is known for their band. They don’t have many instruments but the ones they do have are played every day of the week. Kids in the band range from ages 10-18 and they are all equally good at playing. Bruno helps a lot with this band in getting them better known around Recife. Last week they had a competition and I had the opportunity to go on the court with them and take pictures of their winning performance. It was so exciting and fun.

Brazil is beautiful and I am so lucky to call it home.
Until next month (or less)

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