Sabrina, outbound to Austria

"home or home home?”

This was a frequent question asked at language camp and it really is a drag having to clarify. Whenever someone would say, “I forgot this at home,” or something referring to home, everyone would always in confusion ask, "which home?" Austria was all our new homes now, but we were still too new to be able to say that and be comfortable with it.

Language camp was fun, the location was like a place from a movie. The rooms weren’t so movie-like though. They all had different setups and sizes, but they each consisted of a small bathroom, and old wooden beds against the walls. How many people were in your room and the size of your room was all luck. I didn’t get so lucky, but we made it work.

Altmunster is beautiful, we stayed in this school known to the locals as BEA which is next to a palace-like structure. The school isn't so palace-like, but they have a slide, and if you explore enough you can find a whole rock climbing room with walls and everything downstairs.

The classes were kinda tiring, but fun, we always had free time in-between and after. The town is beautiful with tons of mountains, colorful flowers, and fairytale-like cottages, but there’s not much to do. So we normally passed our time by walking down the mountain to the lake and just chilling, swimming, and eating, of course. Spar, the supermarket also become quite the hangout spot for buying junk food.

The last week we found out that if you keep walking down the road you can find a town named Gmunden where they have actual stores, bigger supermarkets, and just more to do. It’s about 30 minutes there so it’s a bit of a walk, but def. worth it. The ice cream there is sweet!

Word of advice for anyone going to Austrian language camp:
there are no washing machines and hand washing is not as easy as it sounds
-Bring extra undergarments (especially girls)
-Bring swimsuit
-You can repeat bottoms you wear, but still bring enough
-Bring multiple shirts
-There’s no soap or shampoo so bring your own

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