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Sabrina, outbound to Austria

When Austrians say we’re going for a walk, it is NOT a walk.

Austrian’s should have their own dictionary which defines what they really mean when they say something.

For language camp they said to bring “good shoes.” Well, in Miami, good shoes translates to high pumps or cute ballet flats. While in Austria, good shoes translates to shoes meant for hiking up steep mountains full of mud, trees, and animal residue.

Also, when someone tells me, “We’re going for a walk,” I picture a nice stroll along the beach, a flat surface. This WALK that I picture is taken at a slow speed that is good for chatting. Well, in Austria, a “walk” translates to a two hour hike up a muddy mountain that is so steep that you feel like you are walking up a vertical wall.

They said there would be a “nice view” at the top. I pictured some water, clouds, maybe some boats. I saw, mountains the looked like they were from a dream, a lake so big and blue that it didn’t even compare to my Miami ocean, and a little fairytale town nestled seaside, along a forest green land, beside the mountains.

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