Sabrina, outbound to Austria

As a girl that comes from a city which has one method of public transportation, that goes in only one direction, you could say that I wasn’t too prepared for European transport. Yet, after a week of no one being able to show me around, I thought it would be a bright idea to try to figure it out by myself.

Soon I realized that there’s a lot more than just one station. Actually, there’s one on every corner, and where there’s one, there’s another one directly across the street from it.

I decided to go to the nearest bus stop because it seemed right, but, of course, as an American, I always think I seem right. I sat there and waited for the bus for a few minutes and then when he pulled up I got in. Unfortunately, the driver only spoke German and, since I’m from Miami, the closest I ever got to a second language was a solid background in Spanglish.

Struggling to ask the driver if this was the right bus, I reach down into my pocket to pull out my phone. Well, I guess Americans are known for having guns so this motion caused the now startled driver to jump up in fear with a high shriek. Blushing, he realized it was just a phone. He looked at the route I had mapped out and shock his head, it was the wrong bus.

Before I could get off, he started the bus and motioned for me to sit, I obeyed, confused. 30 seconds later he stopped again, motioned for me to get out, and tried to point me in the direction I should go to catch the right bus. Well, his hand signals certainly did not compare to Cuban’s over-drawn motions so I once again was lost.

I wandered a bit and eventually I ended up in front of a supermarket. It was food so I, of course, went in. I bought a huge box of cereal and went on my way trying to find the right stop again. By this time it was 14:00 and I had spent almost three hours walking up and down the blocks. I took out my cereal and began eating directly from the box. This is not exactly smiled upon in Austria so a few elder Austrian’s gave me hawk stares, but it tasted really good.

I finally got to the stop that the cashier from the supermarket had pointed out to me and waited. The bus pulled up, it was the same driver. He slowed down a little, glanced over, and when he saw me accelerated without even stopping.

After that, I gave up for the day and walked home. By the time I got home all my cereal was gone which was unfortunate because I had five hours until dinner.

After this, I got the clever idea to invest in a long board. Now, this seemed like an awesome idea, but I forgot to take into account that, in order to use a long board, you have to know how to ride it first. So now I have an overpriced longboard that I need to learn how to use without falling on my face. On the bright side, I know now that the super market is in walking distance and that they accept VISA.

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