Savanah, outbound to Spain

My first week in Spain!!!!!!! 

I have been in Spain for a total of three days!!!! Honestly these past days have been the weirdest, yet most exciting days of my life. To be completely honest, at the beginning of this week I found myself questioning whether or not I would be able to handle this exchange. I was a complete mess trying to travel from Boston to Madrid, and then Madrid to a smaller town called Alicante. I managed to find myself on a plane that was arriving late to Madrid (this gave me less than an hour to connect). For those who don’t know, the Barajas airport in Madrid is HUGE so walking to where I needed to be took a solid 15 min. Anyway, to make a long story short…….

1. Missed my flight to Alicante
2. Couldn’t connect to Wi-Fi to communicate
3. Had to wait an hour to find my checked bag
4. Argued with customer service lady because she wanted me to pay a fee for a new ticket
5. Found an ATM and reluctantly took out 210 Euros for my ticket
6. Checked my bag AGAIN
7. Arrived in Alicante 4 hours after I was supposed to be there. 

But other than that it was GREAT! But really, once I was with my host family everything was fine. We ate lunch by the beach in Alicante, walked on the beach for a bit, and heading to our home in Monteagudo, Murcia. Over the past couple days I have been meeting new friends and seeing the town with my host sister. I absolutely LOVE Monteagudo. It is a very small place, but that is what gives it its charm. One of the most famous monuments in Monteagudo is the statue of Christ that looks over all of Murcia. My favorite thing I have done so far is climb to the top and look across the valley. We have also been to the city of Murcia, several ice cream shops, and to neighboring towns to get kabob. Also, I have made a beautiful discovery in that there is an ice cream shop in Casillas that plays classic rock and has foosball.

Now, all of this fun is extremely tiring. Especially since everything is in Spanish. I am slowly starting to get used to the accent and speech patterns common to those in Murcia. For example, in Murcia they have a phrase that says “nosotros comemos letras” or “we eat letters”. They said this because when they speak they often talk so fast that they just don’t include the ending letters of most words. When I realized this I felt a huge relief. I now realized that I may not be as stupid as I thought. I finally understood why I didn’t really understand anything being said. It seems that just knowing that this whole eating letters business was a thing, has made it a lot easier to comprehend what people say.
Until next Journal!!!