Savannah, outbound to Brazil

Happy 2 months!!!!!!! I swear I wrote my last journal yesterday. I honestly cannot believe it has already been 2 months. Before I arrived in Brazil I knew the major cultural differences that everyone would know if you Google searched it. But I had no idea about some of the smaller differences… Differences you really don’t know until you are living in your country. Dogs here are not very common. One of my biggest struggles was getting used to going from a house with 5 dogs (in the US) to going to a house with no dogs here in Brazil (no more dog hair on all of my clothes). Another difference is the celebrations. When Brazilians celebrate the parties start around 10pm and last until 4am-5am (which is much later than I usually stay awake). The dancing and the loud music makes you forget about the time until you check your phone and its 3:30AM (I then sleep until dinner time the next day)!!

These two months have been the most emotional months of my life. I cry and smile more than I ever have before. Everyday something new happens. Some sort of surprise whether its holding a 4 week old puppy or being extremely underdressed for a very dressy dinner (sorry) I never know what to expect and that is honestly the joy of exchange. Live day by day and have no expectations because if you have no expectations you can never be disappointed.

I haven’t gotten sick in over a month, which makes me feel like superman (also makes me feel fat because I eat nonstop). My family also loves bike rides!! Literally loves them... 22miles of love every week ☺ Brazilians love working out and waking up early (two things I’m not very good at) but I’ve adapted and wake up at 5am every weekend to go running with my host dad! I feel like I could write pages and pages of stuff but when I go to actually write my exact thoughts are “wait how do I say this in English….?” So that’s why this is shorter. I’ll write more next month!!! Tchau

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