Savannah, outbound to Brazil

As I lay in the bed I now call my own I think about how real this all is. But let me back up some, my name is Savannah Charbonneau. I am a Rotary Youth Exchange outbound student in Brazil. When I started this adventure around Christmas time, I had no idea what I was doing but I knew one thing. I was excited. I was excited to find out what country I was going too, and then I was excited to find out where in that country, and my host family, and best of all. I was excited to find out when I was leaving. After months of waiting for my visa and my orientation in Brazil coming sooner and sooner I began to worry that my visa wasn’t going to come in time for my first orientation. The “excitement” kicked in when my visa came Tuesday and I discovered that I was leaving Wednesday.

Yes, the next day. So as any great procrastinator like myself would know. I hadn’t packed yet. 6 hours and 125 lbs later I was packed and ready to begin my adventure. Hours before heading to the airport I lost my appetite and began feeling nauseous (aka nervous). I slept on the way to the airport and cried as said goodbye to my comfort zone and walked through security. Still feeling unsure, I sat on my aisle seat for my first flight to Miami (a 40 minute flight) and slept. I ran (literally) to my next gate where I walked straight on the plane to my window seat where I prepared myself to take on the 8-hour flight to Recife, Brazil.

As you can probably guess, I slept 7 out of the 8 hours on the plane but when I woke up I did not feel well rested at all. Just nervous to go through customs and meet my family (and of course find my luggage). All went well my family is amazing. After sitting in traffic for an hour we reached my new apartment home, which is on the 25th floor. In love with the view and space I began to unpack my lifetime supply of t-shirts and shorts. My first lunch in Brazil I thought I was going to eat all the food it was so good. But now I find myself here, in this bed that I now call my own. Smiling. Just excited for what is soon to come.

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