Savannah, outbound to Brazil

Feliz tres mesesssss!!! Feliz natal!!!! (Happy 3 months and merry Christmas) I have such a hard time writing these journals because I never know how to express my feelings for Brazil in writing. I’m a very vocal person meaning I love to talk so that is definitely helping me to learn Portuguese. Unfortunately I am also a very lazy person so that isn’t helping much. With everything going on around the world I go to sleep and wake up worried and nervous.

Some of my bestfriends are all over the world right now. Luckily Rotary has built an amazing foundation and the strength of all of us abroad helps me feel content. I love knowing that they are all safe. With the holidays around the corner I know this will be really hard for me because I am such a family girl; but I also know that I have built a strong relationship with my host family and they will make it amazing and show me the different Christmas culture.

For Thanksgiving my friend Caroline (from Kentucky) and I cooked an American thanksgiving meal. The flavor turned out amazing except everything looks really gross. For example: we made a sweet potato casserole but the sweet potatoes here in Brazil are green instead of a pretty orange. So the whole casserole looked like throw up (but it tasted so good). It felt amazing creating some American food and having our host families taste it.

This weekend Caroline and I plan to do an early Christmas dinner for our host families including desserts and gravy (the whole 9 yards). This meal will be bigger and better than our Thanksgiving meal. My host sister and I have also been Christmas decorating around the house making snowmen out of socks and tree ornaments and more! Christmas isn’t as much of a big deal here as it is in the US. The families don’t decorate their houses besides a small fake Christmas tree so at first I was sad because I’m used to the whole lights everywhere happy crazy people shopping Christmas. But I decided not to get discouraged at this so I showed my family how to make some really cool decorations that they’ll keep long after my exchange. My amazing family will always have a strong piece in my heart. They truly are perfect for me. Until next time! T’chau ☺

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