Savannah, outbound to Spain

Hola, everyone! Well, here I am, celebrating 6 unbelievable months in Spain. It is truly remarkable to think about all I have done, and all the goals I have achieved since my arrival. I am currently writing this journal as I sit in the sunshine on my family’s rooftop terrace. I have an amazing view of my town and the valley containing the city that has become my home. Behind me stands the towering statue of Christ that my town, Monteagudo, is famous for.

I have yet to change host families, but I expect to be moving to the city shortly. The move will be difficult, yet I’m excited to have the challenge of adapting to city life. I have grown accustomed to our chickens that roam around the courtyard, the quite evenings free from traffic noises, and my afternoons on the roof with our dog sleeping at my feet. Living such a relaxed and natural lifestyle has been so nice. In the U.S, we are always so busy. We zip across town all day, eat meals with one hand and drive with the other, and don’t spend a whole lot of time together. Living here I have had the luxury of being able to slow down and enjoy everything. My host family has been more than I could ever hope for. They have given me an awesome home, and made me love every second I’ve spent here. I will miss them so much when I move, and even more when I have to return to the United States.

With 6 amazing months spent in Spain, I have definitely been feeling the effects of living abroad for half a year. My English is getting worse with every day spent speaking in Spanish, and my Spanish is definitely not improving as fast as it was a few months ago. I have had to really push myself to learn more and more. I write my personal journals in Spanish, and I often just write conversations or stories in my notebook during class. Which brings up the fact that paying attention to 6 hours of philosophy, economics, or Spanish literature lectures is extremely hard to do. I have definitely been more successful in practicing Spanish or other subjects that are a bit more accessible.

All in all, I am confident in saying that I have achieved proficiency in Spanish. However, I would love to have a bit more to show for a year abroad when I return. (fingers crossed). Apart from the language, I was expecting to have had a harder time being away from home. I miss everyone a lot, and can’t wait to see them again. However, I honestly haven’t had much homesickness to deal with. I find that I am really at home here, and could honestly probably stay a lot longer than ten months without any problems. I think the vast majority of my exchange friends feel the same way. The friends I have here and the exchange students from back home are all in love with where they live. I know we are all sad that time is passing so quickly, and want to make the last few months really count.

This journal was rather short, yet there will be lots more to write about later. Until next time!