Savannah, outbound to Spain

Hola todo el mundo! Yo no puedo creer que he estado aquí para 7 meses ya. Alguna veces parece que yo solo estaba aquí para 3 días y otra veces para 3 años. Yo no quiero volver a mi pais, yo prefiero quedar aqui con mi nueva familia y amigos. Esta ciudad tiene mi corazon para siempre y yo quiero decir gracias a Rotary. Sin Rotary esto año no es posible.

Okay! So, 7 months have flown by, no big deal or anything. Only that my year is ALMOST OVER! My friends and I are constantly on the verge of tears when we are together. We can’t stand the thought of leaving this country, or each other for that matter. Even my Rotary friends back home are texting me to say that the next three months are going to go by so fast. It just goes to show that you need to make the most of every moment that you have, because soon you’re organizing plane tickets to journey home.

I am currently sitting in my room listening to the sounds of one of many Semana Santa processions marching under my window. During holy week we have a parade every night for about 4 hours that marches very slowly throughout the city. They play drums, carry candles, and hand out candy to the little kids on the street. The people marching wear long robes and pointy hats, each night a different color robe. It is so much fun to sit at a tapas bar munching on some snacks while you watch the procession march through. My friends and I have really been enjoying this week. However, next week gets better because everyone in the city dresses in typical Murcian costumes and goes to parties all throughout the city; the girls in long dresses, and the boys in pants and vests. Unfortunately, the temperature has risen the past week so it won’t be the most comfortable attire to be parading around under the hot, Spanish sun in. Once the festivities conclude at the end of next week, all the students have to get ready to return to school. Only one more trimester and we will be free! I am so looking forward to going back to the beach and sleeping the hot afternoons away in the shade. Summer, please please please come soon. Until next month!