Sharday, Outbound to Bolivia

Hola, so this is my first journal entry of the year, let's hope I make this a good one.

So far it has been about 7 weeks and Bolivia is so so so great. Before coming here I knew nothing about Bolivia and my Spanish was so very small. But now, after spending sometime with the people and learning the ways that things are done, I can say I really really like it here.

My first day was very busy, I went out and at then went home, put my stuff down, took a shower, and then headed off to school to meet my classmates, my host brother and have some lunch. It was fun and everyone was so nice, later I took a Spanish test, which would help place me in my Spanish class that I have every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

From there, I started getting a schedule, I would go to school and then on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I would go to the gym for two hours, I decided to try out boxing, and then go to Spanish for an hour. My weekdays are busy, most Tuesday and Thursday are spent catching up on sleep or hanging out with my aunts, uncles, and grandparents who live across the street from me.

A few things that are new to me is the kissing one the cheek, you always do it. With friends, or people who are friends of friends/family, or classmates. Its actually fun but it took sometime to get use to.

Another thing is the heat. Oh my goodness is it hot, and I knew it would be, I mean it is South America, but it slipped my mind that the seasons are opposite. So, even though I think it is very hot now, it is only spring, I'm just waiting for summer to roll around to see just how hot it gets.

There are tons of more things that are so new to me that I could go on and on about, but I will save them for another time.

My host family is a god send, though no one but my brother speaks English, they help me out so much, and they have taught me so much. Because of them, I have to say my Spanish has improved a lot more from where it was at before I left. My family here is big, which isn't that much of an adjustment since I come from a family of six, but it's different to have my aunts and uncles and grandparents so close, a few feet instead of miles away.

School is very different, I have a ton more class and instead of having new faces each class, I see the same ones in each different classroom. The other kids are very nice and try to include me and the other exchanges students in the things they are doing.

Speaking of the other exchange students, they all are so nice and just very fun to be around. Most of the kids are from the US and France, but there are some who are from other countries. We like to hang out and talk and speak in Spanish if we can.

All in all, Bolivia has been a blast these last seven weeks, going to see Cotoca, a market place not to far from my house, and going to school, taking the Mirco (a public bus), and so many other things has just been too much fun and so very different from anything in my life before, I don't really have the words to say it. But, its absolutely amazing.

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