Sierra, Outbound to Denmark

It is crazy to say that I have been in Denmark for over 2 months now! The time has flown by. I have discovered so much about another culture and about myself in these past months. I am going to focus this blog mainly on advice for students considering going on exchange because applications are due soon and interviews will also be coming up. I had some doubts before going on exchange, so here is what I would tell a student who is also deciding whether they want to become an exchange student or not.

One of the reasons that I was hesitant about going on exchange was because I thought that I would miss out on a lot at home. I can tell anyone who is also experiencing this doubt that the experiences you will gain while on exchange and what you will discover about yourself is worth so much more than anything you will miss at home (which won't be much, by the way).

Another concern that I had was that I would miss my family and friends too much. Of course, I do miss them but I have been so busy with sports and language practice that the homesickness just fades away. I also have other exchange students at my school, so it is good to talk with them sometimes about how we are doing and if we miss home or not and what we have learned.

Something else I was worried about was missing an academic year of school in the US. If you are considering being an exchange student during your sophomore or junior year of high school and would still like to graduate with your class, it is possible (with a lot of work, though). I took some classes on FLVS before I left, I have to take one here, one more online class when I get back, and I will have full schedules my junior and senior years. I know that it is going to be a lot of work, but it is so worth it for going on exchange.

I was also concerned about the language barrier and whether it would be harder to make friends in my country because of this. All of my classmates and a lot of other students at my school have been so welcoming to me, and always make sure that I am included during class. I had heard stereotypes that Danes are really shy at first, but I found it to be completely untrue and quite the opposite actually. Once you get your country assignments, and are starting to learn more about the people in the country do not believe the stereotypes because they are almost never true. Come to your country with an open mind and find out for yourself about the people of the country and the culture you are living in.

If anyone who is reading this is considering being an exchange student, please do it! I know that there are a lot of doubts in your mind about what will happen, but exchange is so worth it. Also, you can always ask Rotex or past exchange students about their experiences and I am sure they would be happy to help. I hope this helped anyone who is considering going on exchange.

Hej hej from Denmark,


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