Sierra, Outbound to Denmark

I haven't written a journal entry for two months and a lot has happened since then! It's been a little over four months since I arrived here. During the fall break, I went to Copenhagen, Aarhus, Skagen, and many other places in Denmark. I also went to Flensburg, Germany. I also went to a get together with all of the other exchange students in Denmark for a weekend. It was so much fun, and being with all of the other exchange students is always great because everyone knows what you are going through. On Halloween I didn't do anything special because it isn't celebrated very much over here, but a few trick-or-treaters stopped by my host family's house which made me really happy.

November was pretty relaxed for me and not much happened. I made Thanksgiving dinner for my host family, which we all really enjoyed. I also had a district meeting with all of the exchange students that are in my district. It was a farewell meeting for the oldies of our district, but I know I will see them again before they really leave in January. But it's really sad to think that they're leaving already and how fast the time has been going since I arrived here. Also, the Prime Minster of Denmark, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, came to visit my school and gave a presentation which was pretty cool. I also visited some other exchange students in a city called Aarhus to shop and hang out.

On December first in my school, we have a tradition where we run to nearby high schools and middle schools and sing Christmas songs and run around. It was so much fun and was perfect to put all of us in the Christmas spirit. I also changed host families on December first, which I had mixed emotions about because I really liked my first host family, but my second host family is also really great. During my first weekend with them, I went to a nearby castle which are quite common in Denmark since it's a very old nation.

Last weekend, I went to Copenhagen with my host family to see Tivoli during Christmas and to do some Christmas shopping. Copenhagen is a beautiful city and I really enjoy spending time there. While I was there, I had the chance to meet up with some other exchange students that live in and around Copenhagen who I hadn't seen since October. Also, this week in Denmark we got snow for the first time this winter! Snow is so beautiful and so much fun to play with. I love it now, but probably mostly because I'm not usually used to seeing it. Yesterday at my Rotary Club meeting, we played a game called kejlespil, which is similar to bowling but with nine pins and a much smaller lane. I'm really looking forward to spending Christmas in Denmark, even though I know I will miss my family a lot. It's going to be interesting to see Christmas celebrated in a different way than I'm used to.

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