Sierra, Outbound to Denmark

I have been in Denmark for almost seven months now and I know in my past entries I said it was crazy how long I have been here but time is truly flying by. I didn't write after Christmas, but spending Christmas in another culture without my family was really cool actually. I missed my family and friends of course, but I didn't miss home as much as I thought I would. It was weird not being with my family during Christmas time but Denmark has so many Christmas traditions that are different from the U.S. which made it really fun during Christmas. My favorite by far was the Christmas Market in Aalborg. It was so cute and fun to walk around and hang out at after school. Another one of my favorite Danish Christmas traditions was that every Christmas season in Denmark, they have a julekalendar, or Christmas Calendar show, that has one episode every night.

I spent New Year's Eve with my class, which was also fun to see how they celebrate it differently. In January, saying goodbye to the oldies was really hard, especially because I had gotten really close to a couple of them, but we also welcomed our newbies which was exciting.

In January, I went to Aarhus again to meet up with some exchange students that live there and it was so much fun. Also, in the beginning of February, some of my friends that live in Sjælland, the island that Copenhagen is on, came to visit and it was such a great weekend. It's always fun to reunite with people you haven't seen in awhile. That weekendI also watched the Superbowl with some of the exchange students that live in my district. It's fun to do some American traditions every once in awhile, because I do miss the traditions that we have.

During the winter break in February, I went to Uganda with my host family on a service project for 10 days. It was an amazing experience that I'll never forget and it really made me realize how much I take for granted and that I should try to appreciate all that I have. It was an amazing 10 days. The whole month of February really flew by. This past week has been sooo cold, I don't think the temperature has risen above 0. The limfjord in Aalborg is almost completely frozen over. It's crazy that it's so warm in Florida and so cold here. Though I do like the snow, I hope it warms up soon.

I have to move host families soon, which is crazy to think about. I honestly can't believe that I've been in Denmark for seven months! Time is truly flying by and I'm trying to appreciate every moment that I have here because I know that I'll miss it so much when I leave. Time is such a crazy concept. I'm going to miss my host families, my classmates, my exchange friends, and just Denmark in general.

Hej hej from Denmark,


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