Taylor, Outbound to Brazil

I am 4 months into my exchange and I still have moments where I find myself asking if I should really be doing this. I still talk to some of my friends in Florida and they are all in college and starting their lives. I always think that when I get back, I will just be starting. And I know I am doing something amazing and I wouldn’t change it for anything because I honestly love it here. Everyone here is so nice and so open. Even if you just meet someone they are willing to have a full conversation with you. Last weekend all the exchange students got together at Itanhaém beach. It was the first time I got to go to the beach since I have been here, and it was amazing. We had the privilege to visit a spot where an infamous priest used to go to write poems. It was a rock that looked like a bed because it was so smooth. It even had a rock on top of it that protected you from the sun. We walked around the city all morning and we had a Brazilian barbeque for lunch. I honestly think that everyone here knows how to cook. On the way home I even got to see some beautiful little waterfalls. For the family that made the barbeque, I went to their house and made tacos for them. My grandmother sent me taco seasoning a little while back and it made for an awesome dinner. It’s so crazy to me to think that less than a year ago I was told I was going to be doing this and now I am. It all happened so fast that even now I’m just like this is crazy. The new outbounds are getting selected already. I am still in shock that this is my life now. I cannot even imagine what I would be doing right now if I was not here. I have also begun to miss my family. Here they do not celebrate thanksgiving, so they have already begun to set up for Christmas. I am beginning to miss the things my family does for Christmas. Like when we go pick out a tree or bake Christmas cookies together. Here, they have a fake tree and they even have some Disney ornaments. They also have this little town on the TV stand. It’s all cute and different. We even went out to buy a stocking for me to put up next to their stockings. I am very excited to see what other traditions they have here. My host mother told me that they open one present the night before Christmas and then they open the rest on Christmas. Also, here Christmas is in summer here, so we are going to be spending Christmas at the beach and we will spend new years there too. It’s a little strange that its going to be hot enough to go to the beach at Christmas.

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