Tatyana, outbound to Hungary

December: Okay, so December was a pretty cool month.

On December 6th, all of the exchange students went to Györ. We stayed in a school's housing dormitories for 3 days. In Hungary, it is a tradition that on December 6th, Santa comes to visit you and gives you a bag of chocolate. But to receive this gracious gift, you have to give something to Santa, so what we exchange students did was preform for him. The American exchange students sang Jingle Bell Rock and offered him cookies (since cookie offering is what we usually do for Santa).

The rest of my days were pretty chill, around mid-December we had winter break. The day right before, my friends and I did a Secret Santa and I received tights, chocolate, and earrings. On the 24th of December we had a Christmas eve dinner and of course on the 25th we celebrated Christmas. I received Oreos, slippers, chocolate, a sweat jacket that says Hungary on it, and a Rubik's Cube (they originated in Hungary). We had more fancy dinners until the 27th.

On the 27th-29th my friend Axel, from Australia, visited me in Szentes. We went ice-skating...which I failed horribly at and had dinner with our friend Zita; my YEO's daughter (awesome people). On the 28th we woke up to snow...the first time in December. We immediately changed into warmer clothing and ran outside, almost slipping on the steps of the porch. We were having so much fun throwing snowballs and making tracks in the snow. I decided to take Axel out to the country side trail because I knew there would be a lot more snow to play in...what I forgot was that it had rained a couple of days in a row a few days prior and had frozen over...and the snow covered it. We had a lot of fun figuring out which part of the ground was safe to step on and which part was a half frozen puddle that we might fall in! Unfortunately all things must come to an end and Axel had to go back to Debrecen on the 29th. And that was my December!!!