Tiffany, outbound to Brazil

My exchange is going too fast!

Oi Amigos! So a lot has changed and happened since my last journal!

I'll start with the most difficult host brother left! Coming to a new country you crave something that reminds you of comfort food! But instead of comfort food I had my host brother we got along so well it was strange. We were partners in crime and had a daily routine that I quickly adapted too. Until....we went to Salvador because he had to leave for exchange in France ): . It was almost like I was restarting a different exchange because once he was gone everything was different.

I had a lot of free time which I think is the exchange student DEVIL! It is important that you stay busy or else you starting thinking and wondering if this was a good idea. It's not a bad thing to have difficult times. We all have them. My advice would be to try something new! I've started kick boxing!

One week after my brother left I went back to Salvador by bus and met all of the other exchange students in Bahia! It was SO MUCH FUN! I felt like I was on a reality show because all of the exchange students here look like super models and we rented this Gigantic boat and traveled throughout different islands. Yah, I know, your probably jealous. I still can't believe it! I was sitting there like wow I am in Brasil right now with incredible people and I'm living my dream, literally! Rotary really knows what exchange students want and need and they do a great job providing us with those wants and needs.

After orientation I went back to Itabuna and I now have exchange student friends here! Yay! Yesterday we went shopping and we spoke Portuguese all day. I was impressed with myself because I was speaking words I didn't even know I knew.

I have notice myself change, a lot! I am much much much more independent and my wants and needs for the future have changed too. I can't believe I have been here for one month already and that makes me sad because how is this all happening so fast? I know that after this year it isn't the end for me and Brasil because I have fallen in love with this country and I will be back(: I think I secretly have Brasilian in my blood.

Random comments :
1. I was told I dance like a Brasilian (greatest compliment ever)
2. My host mom is kicking my butt into shape
3. I adore brigadeiros (Google it)
4. What is makeup? I never wear any here it's so nice
5. Chocolate with pizza? Different but I'm not complaining
6. I'm going to Itacare this weekend (insanely beautiful beaches)

7. Brazilians are brutally honest, I have been told my feet are ugly and I have a fat roll (exchange student problem)

That's all for now! 1 month down, dear exchange please slow down because I love you!!!!