Tristan, Outbound to Sweden

Hi Everyone! This is my first journal since early September and a lot has happened since then! I have had many ups and downs and have experienced many new things. We had our district conference in October and that was a lot of fun to see all the other exchange students. It was also held at an actual castle that was used by the King of Sweden a couple hundred years ago. For me November was a down month, not much was really happening and the Swedish November is awful to put it in a nice way. It rained almost everyday and was only sunny for a few hours on 1 day of the entire month. December was really good! I made a late American Thanksgiving for my host family and club counselor and did a lot of Christmas activities and of course had Christmas Break which was amazing. I visited my host families other family members and went to some Christmas Markets with some other exchange students. In January, school started back and has been going well, school in Sweden is fairly easy if you can understand what is going on (I can sometimes but not often). Making friends with Swedes has been kinda difficult because they are known for being quiet and keeping to themselves and also not speaking their language very well doesn't help. Its getting better though I am starting to do more stuff with them other than be at school but its still just baby steps. I celebrated New Years with my host family and I had an exchange student friend over and it was a lot of fun. I will be changing host families for the first time in the next few weeks so I am looking forward to that and the change. It has been an odd winter for Sweden, where I live there has not been any snow in the month of January which is really uncommon so hopefully there will be some snow in the next few months even though we are approaching spring very fast. I think I have grown as a person and matured a lot even though there is still a lot of room for growth. I have learned many things so far and hope to learn many more things with my remaining time.Overall, I have loved my time in Sweden it has been a lot of fun and full of different experiences. There are a lot of different things that I still want to do and I hope I will be able to do. I go to Stockholm on a regular basis to see the other exchange students because it is always a lot of fun. I joined the local scouts here in my town and was a bit skeptical at first because I used to be a scout back in Florida and I hated it but its so different here and actually fun, there is no adult leader and mainly we are just hanging out and having a good time! I would like to thank Rotary back in Florida and Rotary in Sweden for making this possible! Until next time, Hejdå!

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