Vale, Outbound to Germany

Fünf Monaten!! Wahnsinn! The first month of 2018 and it's been unglaublich ( incredible ). I definitely want to stay in this beautiful city, I love it so much. I have been incredibly blessed with an amazing Rotary club, counselor, and host family. Early this month, a Rotarian member: George Brenninkmeijer, invited me to go on a trip with him where 2 of his friends would also join. It was a road trip to Switzerland where we stayed in the beautiful St. Moritz. The scenery was breathtaking and the people were so elegant and welcoming. We stayed there for six amazing days and I can honestly say, I was in paradise. Our hotel was called Hotel Baeren and it was located right in front of the Cresta Run, which was one of the main reasons Mr. Brenninkmeijer goes to St. Moritz. The Cresta Run is a natural ice skeleton racing toboggan track. The 1.2125 km run is one of the few in the world dedicated entirely to skeleton. This sport is quite elite and only men are allowed to do it. Women can only be invited by a Cresta run member to ride down the icy track. Thanks to Mr. Brenninkmeijer, I was able to enter the exclusive Cresta Run club where I could watch all riders go down the tracks but still stay warm. In St.Moritz I was also able to figure skate on the natural ice lake, outside, surrounded by mighty white mountains. Almost everyday it snowed so I had the opportunity to skate while the snow hit my face... An amazing experience I wouldn't get in South Florida. I was also blessed to eat delicious food in the best restaurants in St. Moritz. We ate at the Kulm Hotel, Kempinski Grand Hotel Des Bains, Hotel Reine Victoria by Laudinella, and the Carlton Hotel St. Moritz. St. Moritz was without a doubt one of the best trips I have ever taken. I also had the chance to ski the beautiful South Eastern Alps. It was amazing to come down the black slopes and see the beautiful sun shining down on the small village. Every where you looked, it seemed as though it was a picture or a painting... The most outrageous attraction Mr. Brenninkmeijer arranged for all of us to do was bob sledding. An activity I had seen on TV since I was little but never in a million years thought I would be able to try. There we met Vera and Jan who were the two main trainers of future world and Olympic competitors. They gave us the grand tour of the Bob sledding area where we walked for about 30 minutes and saw some of their teams train. I rode with Mr. Brenninkmeijer and I can't even begin to explain the adrenaline and emotion I felt inside the sled. Even before I got on, I was freaking out of excitement. It was the fastest two minutes of my life. We had Jan, the driver, and Alec, the breaker. I was second and Mr. Brenninkmeijer was right behind me. The only thing we had to wear was a helmet, the rest was up to you. The entire time we went down, I felt a strong pressure and sometimes it felt like I couldn't sit straight. However, it was totally worth it to watch everything and fight the pressure. Every 5-10 seconds, we would twist or turn, and it got to a point where the wind was so strong I felt my eyes were drying out. It was the most unreal attraction I've ever lived, far better than any rollercoaster in Disney. That same day we got into one of the most if not the most exclusive club St. Moritz has. Thanks to Vera, we were able to reserve a spot and enjoy a fantastic night. The name is Dracula club, where the celebrities and Cresta run Members go to party until late. It's in the bob sledding club house, and you would not recognize it in the day because it is completely transformed at night. There I saw one of Germany's playboys, Rolf Sachs... Unfortunately, because of how exclusive this club is, no pictures were allowed so I didn't get a picture with him; however, I did get his signature on my bob sledding certificate. I can't express how thankful I was and am to have been invited to his trip. It was the best way to start my year!

After coming back from St. Moritz, I changed to my second family, the Loges. I have 2 small sibling, Lotte ( 13 ) and Hans ( 11 ), and Katharina ( my mom ). I absolutely love them. They are quite different from my first family but amazing in their own way.

Some great things I have done this month are go to the Opera with my counselor. My host brother, Hans, is in the children's Deutsche Oper, and we went to go see him perform. We watched Carmen and it was sensational. The Deutsche Oper is the country's second largest opera house and also home to the Berlin State Ballet. I found a new love for Opera and I can't wait to watch new ones.

This month was exceptional and I am so blessed to be here.


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