Victoria, outbound to Argentina

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The month of March has brought few surprises, and I have begun to settle into a daily routine. I wake up when the sun is high in the sky, and begin the process of motivating myself to roll out of bed. I usually go downstairs to say hello to the lady who helps around the house, and then I busy myself with what I like to call "independent learning". This includes a variety of random activities that I find keep my brain active and my hours filled. I may read some history, continue learning Spanish, crochet, draw, or organize my room while enjoying some music. At around 1 pm I lunch on Argentinian fare which consists of a salad, meat, and a starch, followed by a dessert of fruit or jello. My afternoons are occupied by more "independent learning", violin, and getting together with friends. 

I have truly been enjoying my friends lately. Three of my four best friends from Argentinian high school have left for college, but I am very close to the one that is left, and we get together very often along with the exchange students. Since I now live one and a half blocks from the river, and I have a pool, my home has become a popular place for my friends to relax after walking along the Rio Paraguay. I live pretty close to the center of town and a nearby ice cream shop. Since the ice cream in Formosa is cheap and delicious, the other exchange students and I have spent many summer days licking cones and chatting. 

Unfortunately, summer is ending. I will soon begin studying again, though I am not exactly sure where yet.

I am looking forward to an exchange student camp that will be happening late this month in Misiones, a region of Argentina famous for it's gigantic waterfalls. I think (hope) we will visit the falls.

Until the next adventure,