Zac, outbound to Sweden

AMERICA AND SWEDEN? Have I really been this dumb? 

Wow! Just Wow! Has it really been 8 weeks?? I can't believe how fast the time is flying by.

As I sit here in my psychology class ( In Swedish) I am suddenly realizing how long it has actually been. NO, I am not fluent in Swedish. Lemme tell you, Swedish is not easy. Although some might be picking it up faster than I, they would also agree that it isn't a walk in the park. I sit in my chair feeling so dumb. Living in Sweden has opened my eyes for the better. You see, when you are buried inside your own culture, you don't realize the faults in it.

While Looking from the outside in, I started to question everything I had ever done. At first, this resulted in my being ashamed of my country. I had never felt so embarrassed in my life. I come from a place that has many problems at which I will not address because it is not relevant to my point. As I took a few weeks to re-evaluate my life, I started to realize how proud I actually was of it. Yah, our country may have many faults but did I forget how our country started. People left to go to America to follow a dream. A dream they felt that they couldn't fulfill in their own country. Our country is a land of dreams. It is the result of many peoples life's being given up for it. All of these thoughts make me respect my own country in a way I have never done before.

Now, saying that, this experience gave me a better perspectives of both countries, Sweden and America. I now believe SOME Swedes have an altered view of my country. It is now my vision to help change their perspective of America's people. I WILL NOT BE THE AMERICAN STEREOTYPE. Wow, we have a stereotype? Yes we do. Talk to you later.