Zac, outbound to Sweden

Hej Hej! It's Zac here! It has been 5 months. Wow... has it really? I can not even believe. I feels like just yesterday I was waving good bye to my folks at the airport and thinking about how crazy I was. Well, since it's been 5 months, why not write some really positive things!

Today was the day that I officially lost 40 pounds while on exchange. It is insane to even think really! I can not believe that such a dramatic thing could happen to me while being in Sweden for just a short time. I am just so glad to be getting the opposite reaction that I used to when jumping on the scale. I also got some new European jeans that I look amazing in ;)

My host family! What a great bunch. Just spent an amazing Christmas with them and I must say it has been the best Christmas of my life. You know, no matter what they did, I would have been a happy camper but they went above and beyond. They made me feel like their own. I actually feel like their kid which might be strange to some, but what a great experience?

My Swedish friends... omg. Just thinking about them makes me smile. They have literally been the best. I think the most interesting thing about them is that they push me to be the very best I can be. They are also super nice and I feel they will always have my back. I really cannot compare them to U.S. friendships because they are that awesome.

I am looking forward to having a great rest of the year and enjoying my time in Sweden like I have done so far. :) Peace until next time

-Zac Davis