Zac, outbound to Sweden

Six months has gone by in a flash and I cannot believe I am over halfway through my exchange. I sit in this chair a completely different person. Not only am I 45 pounds lighter, but my mind seems to be more focused and more aware than ever before. I have accomplished things that I wanted to go on exchange for, but it seems as if this year was really a bargain because I have gained so much more than I had ever hoped. I have gotten a perspective that no amount of money could buy. I have really lived like a Swede and will continue to for the rest of my exchange, if not even longer than that. I am not longing for Florida right now, but I am longing for the moment I will be home. Not because I will be in Florida , but because I can share something with the world that I could not offer the world before. I will be a completely different person in the U.S. I think it will be strange but I am not sure about how my friends and family will react to me. How they may think that I am still the same. It is strange to think about honestly. It is also weird that my family is kinda just living life without me right now. They are so used to living a life without me there, and so are my friends. It just seems so weird to then just paste myself in that life again. Will they be ready?