Host Family Forms

Host Family Application 

Host Family Handbook

In accordance with regulations of the US Department of State, all host families are required to complete this web form and submit it prior to hosting an exchange student. The form will require that you provide contact information for two personal references; please note that these references may not be relatives or volunteers with RYE-Florida. It will also require you to upload 5 photos of your home - one each of the exterior, the living room or family room, the kitchen, and the bedroom and bathroom that the student will use.
 If you begin the form but do not have all of the necessary information, or for some other reason need to finish at a later time, there is an option on each page to do so. We appreciate your cooperation and your willingness to host an exchange student for RYE-Florida.

Host family process 

to be in compliance with the US Department of State and Rotary International:

  1. Host family application.
  2. Home visit/interview by Rotary volunteer. Report visit form.
  3. All household members over the age of 18 will be required to    
    1. Fill out (and pass) a background check 
    2. Take online NAYEN Youth Protection Awareness training (and pass)
    3. Take online NAYEN US Host Family Orientation training (and pass)

      Please note that each family member over the age of 18 needs to take the training and test with his/her UNIQUE email address. A link will be sent to you to background check and the training. 

First Night Questions

First Night Questions Over the years, Rotary Exchange Students have found it helpful to have a list of questions to go over with their host families, shortly after arriving. These lists of "First Night Questions" have been compiled over that time, and are offered for student and host family use worldwide. Having these questions available in a variety of languages can be quite useful, but keep in mind that you have to be able to understand the answers as well! 

First Night Questions.pdf