We are pleased to present this compilation of articles and reference materials that may be of interest to exchange students and their parents, host families, and Rotarians and others that are involved with the Youth Exchange Program.

Insurance for RYE Florida Students

Accident, Sickness and Personal Liability Plan of Insurance 

Each student receives an insurance card with their name and contact information to their insurance company. The student should ALWAYS carry this Travel Assistance ID card. 

RYE Florida insures with CISI. This is the coverage for most inbound and outbound students, depending on host country. This is also the coverage for all Florida inbound EXCEPT inbounds from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Belgium. (other countries may be added to the excepted list of countries at any time.)  

For CISI customer service, eligibility verification, plan information, or to file a claim, contact: Cultural Insurance Services International at 800-303-8120 (from inside the U.S.) or 203-399-5130 (from outside the U.S.); fax 203-399-5596 for claims or inquiries or e-mail 

Mail claims to: Cultural Insurance Services International, One High Ridge Park, Stamford, CT 06905 USA.

For medical evacuation, repatriation, or other assistance services call: AXA Assistance at 855-327-1414 (Toll-Free) or 630-694-9764 (Direct Dial) or e-mail

To access Chubb’s Travel Assistance Website go to and enter your username and password (shown on your Travel Assistance ID card).

Articles on Culture Shock and Cultural Adaptation

"Culture Shock" by Dr. Dennis White - A basic article on the concept of culture shock and how it may affect Youth Exchange students. The article describes stages of culture shock and a typical progression in a year-long program.

"One World ... or Many?" by Dr. Dennis White - A presentation of the concept of developing intercultural sensitivity by moving from ethnocentrism to ethnorelativism. These concepts, applied to the Rotary Youth Exchange experience, are developed from work by Dr. Milton Bennett of Portland State University

"The Middle Wave of Culture Shock" by Dr. Dennis White - For many Youth Exchange students, there is a potentially difficult period of culture shock combined with homesickness that can "hit" around November or December. This article describes the phenomenon and attempts to help prepare students, parents, host families and YEOs.

"It's Time to Go Home" by Tracy Fordham - A former Rotary exchange student, now a cultural researcher, shares some thoughts about the end of an exchange year, and the challenge of determining where "home" really is.

"So You Think You're Home Again" by Dr. Dennis White - Observations and advice for students returning "home" after completion of their exchange years.

"So You Think They're Home Again" by Dr. Dennis White - A look at the returning student phenomenon for and from the parents' perspective.

"The Things No One Told Me" by Lori Ruhlman - Simultaneously a mother of an outbound student and a host mother for an inbound, the author shares her experiences and emotions from both sides of the program.

"The Values Americans Live By" by L. Robert Kohls - Written originally for foreigners coming to the USA, this article acts as a mirror allowing Americans to view their own culture through someone else's eyes.

"Seven Lessons in Intercultural Communications" - Some lessons that can emerge from cultural awareness exercises, simulation games or other experiences. Taken from the work of Craig Storti, who has published several books on the realm of culture.

Using Films to Explore Cross-Culture Experiences

Film List- A partial list of popular films that depict various aspects of cultural differences. The study guides below provide further insight into some of them.